A selection of recent
Joomla reference projects

Over the 10+ years that we've been working with Joomla we've worked on lots of exciting projects. Here you can read about a few of these, including the requirements we faced, our approach to the project and the final results.

Pedilay Logo
Healthcare | 2018

We were asked to build a product website for Pedilay and provided with modern, elegant visuals as the starting point. Despite a challenging deadline the project was completed on time a success thanks to a positive collaboration with our client and their design agency. 

Conplan Logo
IT Services | 2017

We helped Conplan transition from their existing static website to a new site based on Joomla, including a variety of customised features, layouts, 15 individual forms and a separate microsite. We also developed a dynamic anchor navigation element which would be later reused for other projects.

MSG Logo
IT Solutions | 2016-17

We were asked by msg to build a industry-level recruitment and career portal. Shortly after completion of the project, the site placed 3rd out of 100 companies in a online study of IT career portals, which was a great finish to what was a challenging project with tight deadlines.

Munich College for Hair & Beauty Logo
Education | 2015

We succeeded in reinventing the college's website in a visually exciting way – despite a limited budget. The two most exciting challenges for us in this project were learning to work with a very visually-minded client and producing a great website in spite of the limited resources.